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Why is the pelvis the key to balance?

The body in its structure finds its axis thanks to two balance zones: the pelvis and the jaw. For me the balance of the pelvis represents the true cornerstone of the whole body structure.

Anatomically, there is a bone chamber that forms a pivot between the upper and lower halves of the body. "From the pelvis to the sky,” "from the pelvis to the earth,” "in the centre of the body,” it balances the fields of action and creation, with the world of direction, above it, and that of movement below it.

Moreover, this part of the body is home to many activities related to life. It is with the pelvis that we make love, that we give birth to our children. It also protects our digestive organs. Thanks to it, we digest food and eliminate waste. All functions are therefore directly related to the safety, survival, communication, well-being and emotional relationship of every human being.

On the level of our physical dynamics, it constitutes the center of movement: it is from this part of the body that the movement of the legs starts and thus our possibility to stand and walk on our own path. Thanks to it, we are stable on our foundations and we can reach our goal.

The pelvis also represents the foundation between the masculine and the feminine. In this, it reflects our relationship with our parents. When there is a disruption of balance in its horizontal line, we often notice an emotional dispute linked to "dad/mom" (shock, lack, absence, abandonment, betrayal...).