Nicolas Bounine

Discover the Bounine Method:

To end back pain

A gentle and durable method of rebalancing the pelvis by long, firm finger pressure on the attachment points of muscles, fascia and ligaments on the bone.

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Osteotherapy Bounine Method™

A new approach to the body

An osteotherapeutic approach: bone care, bone therapy. Bone is a living, elastic tissue, composed of 20% water. It is a living memory of the individual. It is also the tissue that gives its structure to the body; its shape.

A story

Developed on top athletes on whom official techniques were not enough.

Three innovative concept

The ilio-cranial concept
The balance of the pelvis
The release of traumatic bone memory

A rhythm

5 basic sessions on average over 2-3 years
1 annual prevention session recommended

Respect for the fundamentals

Finding true stability by reaching the original balance and maintaining it in space and time.

A universal method

From newborn to old age
From sedentary to top-level athletes
From the healthy to the suffering.


Presentation of the Bounine Method

  • Teaching osteotherapy Bounine Method to health professionals

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