Nicolas Bounine – Osteotherapist

Nicolas Bounine

Kinesitherapist since 1979, Nicolas Bounine studied osteopathy for 5 years at the Centre d'Ostéopathie ATMAN (C.O.A)- and the Mézières method. His training was enriched by two years in a hospital environment, seven years at INSEP (Institut National des Sports, Vincennes) and by personal and professional experience in Mexico.

Married, father of six children and based in Boulogne-Billancourt, Nicolas Bounine works in a medical centre.

The INSEP made it possible for him to meet top athletes and develop a more demanding kinesitherapy. The encounter with the Latin American continent and the Amerindian culture opened him to a new reality: the discovery of the concepts of energy and the body/spirit balance.

Two triggers and founding principles of his method. Developed since 1989, it was called MPO (Postural Osteo-tendino-aponeurotic Massage) in 1995. On May 25, 2011, the brand "Méthode Bounine - L'équilibre retrouvé, le corps libéré" was registered at the INPI. It will be filed as Bounine Method osteotherapy on July 29, 2011.

Method Bounine osteotherapy teaching started on May 12-13, 2012.

Energy concepts

"To tread these lands was to discover then feel a vibration, an energy, a force, the existence and the importance of tellurism. Living in Mexico City was to awaken to the consciousness of what telluric energy and the very concept of energy as a vibratory entity represent. We are a body made of matter, but we have an energy body as well. All living things, whether human, vegetable or animal, are vibration and energy."

This "revelation" changed his approach as a therapist, allowing him to access the cause and understanding of certain sufferings in a different way, and thus to reach a broader vision of health problems. "My listening to the human body and to individuals then took on a new dimension and, in me, developed a sensitivity, a perception and an intuition to the point of feeling the movements of organic tissues: their life, their blockages or their restrictions."

In Mexico City, whether by treating tennis players or in consultation, he obtains results on certain pathologies much more quickly than those obtained in France with equal pathologies. The concept of energy was acquired or in the process of being acquired; that of body/mind balance would follow.

Mind/body balance

Pre-Columbian traditions consider health as a state of balance between the cosmos, nature and society, a balance that man has the mission to maintain. The disease then results from a disruption of this balance. In fact, its cause becomes as important for the therapist as its manifestation.

For him, there is no longer any mechanical or organic suffering of the body that is not linked to imbalances, broken flows of energy, emotional wounds, or even bruises to the soul. If many patients come to him only to find rapid relief for their mechanical symptoms, to others who so desire, he offers to treat the cause of the illness - somatic or psychological - and not only its mechanical effects.

This approach, which attacks suffering at its root, makes it possible to optimize care and ensure its sustainability.