L'équilibre du bassin, la clé (Pelvic balance, the key)

Back and body pain in adults has its origin in adolescence and even in the early years of life. A young person who suffers has already modified his body architecture.

Nicolas Bounine is no longer satisfied with treating symptoms, often triggered or aggravated by stress and emotions, but focuses on resolving the pathology at the source of the illness.

His method, Ostéothérapie®, consists in taking care of the bone, a living and elastic tissue that gives the body its structure and shape. It is based on two innovative concepts:

  • Pelvic balance (from the sedentary individual to high level athlete)
  • The release of traumatic bone memory

The osteotherapist treats by a long and firm pressure of the fingers, the attachment points of muscles, aponeuroses and ligaments on the bone. This work enables body tissue release which will resonate with released tensions imprinted by traumatic experiences and life sufferings. At the same time, an assessment and a rebalancing of the pelvis are done.

This book is divided into two parts:

  1. The basics: what is the body - why does it hurt - what hurts?
  2. Applications: the pathologies of childhood and adolescence - the pains of adults - without forgetting those of the elderly.

Moreover, it is originally accompanied by numerous testimonies.

Vivre debout ou l'équilibre retrouvé (Living upright or regained balance)

There is no mechanical or organic suffering of the body that is not related to imbalances, whether affective or emotional wounds.

In light of this observation based on twenty-five years of practice, Nicolas Bounine is no longer satisfied with treating the symptoms but focuses on solving the pathology at the source of the illness. He thus invites those who suffer from health problems to ask themselves, to look inside themselves and to question their existence.

The method described in this book, illustrated with numerous testimonies, goes beyond the technical framework of physiotherapy and osteopathy to feed on spirituality and certain principles of alternative medicines. His approach is based on two simple concepts: the memory of the body and the balance of the pelvis. Nicolas Bounine has been a physiotherapist since 1979 and has studied osteopathy, kinesiology, micro-physiotherapy and the Mézières method. Married and father of six children, he practices in Boulogne-Billancourt (France).