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The Bounine or MPO (Postural Osteo-tendino-aponeurotic Massage) method: what is it?

I first work on the bone architecture of the body with the perfect balance of the pelvis as the keystone, then in a second time, when the balance is set, I work on the release of the bone matter, true memory of all the physical and emotional events recorded in the body. These two axes are interactive, interdependent and act transversally to establish the body's regained balance over time.

Since I have focused my therapeutic approach on these concepts and refined it on a daily basis, I have observed an optimization and sustainability of results as well as a reduction in the number of consultations required by each of my patients.

DFO will release bone tension through emerging and protruding points in the body: pelvic, vertebral and limb bones. This release always begins with a rebalancing of the pelvis at the level of the sacroiliac joints; then, during the following sessions, it will be a question of consolidating this pelvis and climbing the successive floors up to the skull. It is actually a "sacroiliaccranial" method.

In fact, the "stored energy", as the Chinese say, now released, will allow bone structures to ideally reposition themselves as they once were or as they must have been at birth. The sustainability of the balance also matters because if an unbalanced pelvis has destroyed the body for years, it is its support, recovered, which will make it possible, over a period of time, to rebuild it. This technique is simple, effective, "non-manipulative" and safe for the patient.